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June 28, 2007:
> I've gotten around to editing and uploading pictures from a couple of the launch events I attended earlier this year. Still to come are MANY pictures from the shuttle launch in December (STS-116). There are A LOT of pictures so it's going to take me some time to get through them all.

Updated: Home Page, Rolex 24 2007
New: Pictures: Atlas 5 - STP-1, Delta 2 - THEMIS
In the works: STS-116

June 12, 2007:
> Wow! It's been over six months since the last update. I've been busy with school and just life in general. This update has a good amount of stuff to it though so it's worth it. I've also got some more stuff coming from the photojournalism things i've done. Specifically, i have a few launches to post up. I'm going to need to reorganize my main page and divide up my pictures according to topic (launches, sports, cars, etc.). I guess that means i will make a page each for pictures, videos, links and so forth. I hope to get that done before the end of the summer.

Updated: Home Page, News Archive, Links
New: Pictures: SCCA Autocross Sept, Oct, 2006 & Jan, Feb, April, 2007; FEOA & ERDT Meet; Rolex 24 '07
In the works: Photo's sub-index, sub-index for other headings.

January 4, 2007:
> HOLY CRAP AN UPDATE!!! Finally made the pictures on the 2000 Escort SE page into links. Finally, you can see what you've been missing if you arne't a member of the forums and didn't get the direct link. I also made a site banner. It's pretty simple, but I think it gets the job done nicely. I know 2006 was a pretty slow year, the server basicly turned into a dumpster for pictures not a webpage, but my 2007 Resolution is to not let that happen again.

Updated: Home Page, News Archive, Links, "2000 Escort SE"
New: Pictures: "2000 Escort SE" Project pages
In the works: I dunno... something eventually.


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