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November 5, 2004:
> No classes tomorrow because of "University Day" which gave me an excuse to stay up late (not for the purpose of finishing homework for once). So I figured I'd chip away a little more at the thumbnail pages I've been promising for so long. See? I'm good for my word. Also realized that i had some pics of the 'JONAH Outdoor Show' up that i had no link to, so i added one. I'm not looking foward to the thumbnail page for "Hurricane Ivan Evacuation" because there's over 90 pictures there. Also, I'm thinking I might break down the pictures of my Escort SE into projects because otherwise it would be a page with over 130 thumbnails. To keep with the pattern, i suppose i should do the same with the Escort LX pictures, but I only have 11 total, so i'm not sure yet. But i don't anticipate either happening very soon. Hey, it's not easy (or fast) coding this stuff all by hand.

Updated: Home Page - links
New: Thumbnail pages: "Cruise Night at Garden City", "Dan's Baged S-10", "ERDT New England Meet '04", "Hurricane Francis Evacuation", "JONAH Outdoor Show '04"
In the works: Navigation system, the last few thumbnail pages: "Hurricane Ivan Evacuation", "New Hampshire Trip", "2000 Escort SE", "1993 Escort LX Wagon"

November 3, 2004:
> School has kept me beyond busy as of late so very little has been done. In fact my progress has pretty much stalled. Hopefully I can get it back on track soon. I haven't had access to my FTP server for the past few days either. I was requested, by Dan, to edit the page that covers the story of his crash. That was the only purpose of this update.

Updated: "Dans Motorcycle Crash", Home page welcome header
New: A couple of new links in the "Links" section
In the works: Navigation system, more thumbnail pages

October 10, 2004:
> Put up a some pictures of Dan's recent accident. It follows the new format as well. Perhaps I'll get time this week to convert some other pages too. Not likely though. The new videos of Joe's truck I promised are on hold for now pending us getting free time and Joe's truck getting new tires and an alignment. Also,I've done some more work on my menubar/ navigation system whats-it-thingy. If you'd like to see the current progress, you can check it out Here.

Updated: Home Page, Nav bar test pages
New: "Dans Motorcycle Crash" page.
In the works: Navigation system, more thumbnail pages

September 27, 2004:
> Got my hands on a thumbnail program and made thumbnails of all my pictures. What's that mean? Well it means that you'll soon be able to select the picture you want to view by clicking on a small version of it rather than on its name. So far only one folder has been done and that's 'Dans Corvette LT1'. So check it out, because it is the future.

Updated: Home Page
New: "Dans Corvettet LT1" thumbnail page.
In the works: New navigation system, thumbnail pages, more videos

September 20, 2004:
> I've finally gotten started on that fancy main page navigation bar thing i've been talking about. Did some preliminary art work and coding just to get a feel for it. If you'd like to see prototype for the menu bar you can view it Here. Bear in mind that it's still in the pre-beta stages. I've also uploaded the pictures from our Ivan Evacuation, as promised and put a link to it under the pictures section.

Updated: Home Page
New: Pictures: 'Hurricane Ivan Evacuation (9-18-04)', Pre-beta release of upcoming navigation bar
In the works: Better main page, more videos

September 11, 2004:
> Somehow, between moving back into school and then evacuating for hurricanes, I still managed to get an update in. I put up some pictures from our evacuation due to Francis. I also added a section for my my video I made. Hopefully there will be more of these to come. There will be more hurricane pictures from our evacuation due to Hurricane Ivan so keep an eye out.

Updated: Home Page
New: Pictures: 'Hurricane Francis Evacuation (9-9-04)', Video: 'Joe In Tallahassee'
In the works: Better main page, pictures from our evacuation for Hurricane Ivan, more videos

August 11, 2004:
> OK, well I finally gave in and did the 'cool thing.' I've now got a live journal. I put a link up in the links section so you can check it you if you'd like.

Updated: Home Page
New: My Live Journal (not actually a part of this site)
In the works: A better main page, including graphics and navigation buttons

August 10, 2004:
> I finally got a main page up. Oh yea! HTML in Notepad rocks! Takes me back to CS223 with Mr. Lehr. At least my code is a lot neater now than it was back when I had a page with GeoCities.

Updated: N/A
New: Main page, Pics of Dans Corvette LT1, Pics from Cruise Night
In the works: A better main page, including graphics and navigation buttons


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