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Links To Pictures
2000 Escort SE
Tons of pictures. Some project pictures and some photo shoot pictures. She's my daily driver and every so often I do a little custom work to make her a little more unique

Ataraxis Photo Archive
The largest collection of Ataraxis photographs under one roof organized by date in order to show the band's history.

FEOA & ERDT Meet '07
A joint meet with a few people from both the FEOA and ERDT forums in Berlin, CT.

Deland Autocross, April 2007: Page 1 - Page 2
SCCA Solo II Autocross in Deland, FL.

Atlas 5 - STP-1
The launch of the Air Force's Space Test Program-1 mission with a payload of six satellites.

Deland Autocross, February 2007
SCCA Solo II Autocross in Deland, FL.

Delta 2 - THEMIS
The launch of a Delta 2 rocket carrying a payload of five probes to study the Earth's magnetic field and the aurora.

Deland Autocross, January 2007
SCCA Solo II Autocross in Deland, FL.

Rolex 24 2007 (Daytona Beach, FL): Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3
Down in the garage area and pit access during the Red Flag for rain.

Sebring Autocross, October 2006
SCCA Solo II Autocross at Sebring Raceway in Sebring, FL.

Deland Autocross, September 2006
SCCA Solo II Autocross in Deland, FL.

Deland Autocross, April 2006
SCCA Solo II Autocross in Deland, FL.

Deland Autocross, February 2006
SCCA Solo II Autocross in Deland, FL.

Rolex 24 2006 (Daytona Beach, FL): Page 1 - Page 2
Late night trip to the track to check out the Rolex 24 including garage access.

AutoShow In Motion '05 - November (Orlando, FL): Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3
GM's AutoShow In Motion event once again. This time back in Orlando.

Mazda Zoom Zoom Live '05 (Orlando, FL): Page 1 - Page 2
Mazda brought out their 2006 line up of cars including the RX-8 and the redesigned Miata for an autocross-style driving experience.

Sturbridge Camping Trip: Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3
Ashley and I went camping in Sturbridge, MA to celebrate our two year. We even hiked a trail and got some great shot from the top.

Fourth of July fireworks '05 (Coventry, RI): Page 1 - Page 2
Firework picture experimentaion on the Forth of July.

EUT Connecticut Meet '05
A small get together with a few of the guys from EUT in the central Connecticut area.

AutoShow In Motion '05 (Foxboro, MA): Page 1 - Page 2
GM once again brought out their vehicles and their competetors' vehicles, but this time in Massachusetts.

Spring Break Nationals '05 (Daytona Beach, FL): Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4
An audio show, audio competition, and carshow all rolled into one down beachside.

AutoShow In Motion '05 - March (Orlando, FL): Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5 - Page 6
GM brought out their vehicles and vehicles of their competetors' and let you drive them around short test tracks. There's no sales people and no pressure, just try out the cars and get a free lunch.

Thanksgiving Break '04: Page 1 - Page 2
Pictures from Thanksgiving Break 2004.

Hurricane Ivan Evacuation: Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3
With the approach of Hurricane Ivan the school AGAIN closed our dorms. The roommates and I again packed up and hit the road this time bound for Washington, D.C. We did the tourist thing and saw some of the sights. Good time, but what a long drive.

Hurricane Francis Evacuation
When my school closed the dorms for Hurricane Frances my roommates and I headed north to Tallahassee. Here's some pictures from our journey.

New Hampshire Trip
My girlfriend, Ashley, and I went up to New Hampshire to celebrate our one year. We had a great time and I got a few good shots (look for the one of the cop cars... Classic!)

Cruise Night at Garden City
I was out shopping one night and happened to see a cruise night at Newport Creamery in Garden City. Lots of great classic cars.

ERDT New England Meet '04
I met up with a couple of the guys from ERDT this summer and took a few pictures in the process. It was a hoot meeting up with some of the guys from the forum I frequent.

1993 Escort LX Wagon
My first daily driver. No longer in the family. You can see pictures of some of my projects here.

Dan's Corvette LT1
My buddy Dan's sweet car. This thing is a beast. Definatly worth a look.

Dan's Bagged S-10
Though he no longer has it, this truck was Dan's toy for a while. Fun little truck that turned some heads.

Links To Videos
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Deland Autocross - February 2006 (Run 3) (1.07 MB)
3rd Run: 46.448s. My fastest raw time of the day but with two cones.

Deland Autocross - February 2006 (Run 4) (1.05 MB)
4th Run: 47.328s. My fastest final time of the day.

Rolex 24 - Racing (4.26 MB)
A clip of the racing action at the Rolex 24 in January 2006

Rolex 24 - In The Garage (7.29 MB)
A clip from the garage area at the Rolex 24 in January 2006

Joe In Tallahassee (2.29 MB)
My first video. Made from about 5 min of footage I shot while we were in Tallahassee.

AutoShow In Motion '05 (Orlando) (2.89 MB)
A short video clip shot from the back seat of an H2, featuring a drive-by of a Corvette.

AutoShow In Motion '05 (Foxboro) (3.98 MB, no sound)
A short video clip shot from the passenger seat of a Corvette featuring myself behind the wheel.

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